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Protect Your Roof from Storm Damage

You do not want to lose your roof to a storm. A roof is a vital part of your house and is also an investment for you. However, storms can damage your property, especially your roof. It is vulnerable to persistent rain and wind that is why you need to ensure that your roof is well protected.

Here are some preventive actions you can do to protect your roof from storm damage:

  1. Trim Trees That Are Near Your Roof

This may be one of the most obvious reasons for roof damage during a storm. Falling tree debris, branches, or even small twigs can cause damage to your roof. It is important to have these branches and limbs trimmed before the storm hits to avoid this problem. Ideally, trees should be six feet away from your home.

2. Inspect for Leaks

Unattended leaks can be intensified by a storm. To check for leaks, you can go to your attic and look for stains or water spots. These are signs that your tree is in danger of being storm damaged. If after your inspection you do not see anything but you suspect there’s a leak, it might help to ask help from someone. Using a garden hose, you can run water on your roof to check for leaks.

3. Regular Roof Inspection

Leaks are just one of the roofs many problems. Insufficient waterproofing and lose shingles can also cause real damage if a storm hits your home. Look for the following signs when inspecting your home:

  • Damaged or missing shingles
  • Damaged underlayment or sealant
  • Missing, faulty, and loose nails
  • Rust on materials like flashings
  • Weak or cracked boots on pipes and vents

Proper Installation is Important

Regular inspection and proper maintenance of your roof are important. But you have to remember that protecting your roof from storm damage begins with proper installation. No matter how good and premier the materials you use are if nails are too tight or the sealant is not applied well, your roof is still at risk of being damaged.

Consider the following when evaluating your roof’s material and overall standard.

  • Consider the quality of the materials installed. You have to know their fire ratings and expected lifespans. Are they durable enough to survive extreme weather conditions?
  • Consider the standard of the artistry. It is important that they use the right amount of nails per shingle. Make sure that they drive these nails correctly. Look if they use steel in the valleys. What kind of flashings do they use? New or do they reuse old ones? Good workmanship also talks to you about how important attic insulation.
  • Consider the reliability of the company. Do not trust a company that has not been in the business for long. Make sure that you hire a company that has a physical address. You also need to consider what their previous customers say about them. If they have a good reputation, then you are choosing right, but if they don’t, you have to look for a new one.